Pathways Checking+

The path to good credit begins here.

Your Path to Credit

  • Open a checking account
  • Take out and repay a small loan
  • Be approved for a credit card after six months

Repairing credit begins here.

Through a series of small steps, Pathways to Credit can help you build good credit in three steps:

  1. Set up direct deposit
  2. Manage the checking account well for two months
  3. Take out a small loan, make regular on-time payments, and pay it off in six months.

When you've successfully completed the steps, you'll qualify for a NorthCountry credit card so you can continue to  build your credit. The best part? We're here to help every step of the way.

You've got questions, we've got answers

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Pathways is ideal choice for people interested in building or rebuilding credit. Any member of the credit union is welcome to open a Pathways account.

We want to ensure you have the checking account that works best for you, whether that means retaining your Pathways Checking or moving into a different checking product. If you've successfully managed your Pathways Checking account for at least a year and would like to know what else we offer, please contact us.