Share Draft Lines of Credit

 Avoid paying a fee when your checking balance bottoms out.


Benefits of this line of credit:

  • Eliminate bounced-check charges
  • Avoid hassle of returned checks
  • Competitive interest rates

Share Draft Line of Credit

Rates starting at

We understand that overdrafts can happen.

People make math mistakes. They forget to make a deposit or to record a withdrawal. When that happens, checking accounts can be overdrawn. But there's a way to avoid fees and bounced check embarrassment. If you have a Share Draft Line of Credit, we'll automatically loan you enough money to cover any shortfall, up to your approved limit.

  • Loan limits determined when you apply for your line of credit
  • Repayment periods up to 48 months
  • Easy online application for overdraft protection

Apply for a credit line online. You can select "share draft line of credit" from the drop-down menu.