Our Certificates feature:

  • Choice of savings periods
  • Higher dividend rates
  • IRA portfolio potential


As high as

Sync your savings with your future plans

Right off the bat, our certificates offer one big benefit - they outperform most traditional savings accounts. Just as importantly, they offer the option of saving for a few months, a few years, or some period in between. That makes long-range financial planning easier and gives you access to extra money right when you need it.

  • Choose the length of your term from several options
  • Earn a higher dividend than most traditional savings accounts
  • In general, the longer term, the higher the annual percentage yield (APY)

Certificates can be an effective part of your everyday savings strategy, or designate it as an Individual Retirement Account or Health Savings Account.

For more information, see the Share Certificates Truth-in-Savings Disclosure.


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 You will receive a mailed or e-mailed reminder before your certificate matures. After the maturity date, you have 10 days to let us know if you would like to roll it into a different certificate or withdraw the funds. If you do nothing, it will automatically roll into the same term and type of certificate.

A minimum balance of $250 is required for most certificates, including IRAs.

See the Share Certificates Truth-In-Savings Disclosure for more information.