A lot comes with your NorthCountry membership. Here are some of the details.

Your privacy is important to us, and we want to ensure you understand how your information is shared and used. Our purpose is to protect your identity and any information that may be collected about you. Please read our privacy disclosure and the resources below, and contact us if you have any questions.

Data Sharing

Other financial websites and mobile apps (account aggregators, tax preparers, money management tools, etc.) may request access to the personal information and account data we normally safeguard for you within Online and Mobile Banking. If you grant them access, the privacy, security, and accuracy of your information will no longer be under our strict control. Please be cautious before disclosing your personal information or login credentials to third parties. If you ever need to revoke a third party's access to your banking information, we strongly recommend changing your password immediately. Contact us at 1-800-660-3258 if you need assistance.

How can you control your information?

We use cookies to provide you with the best possible experience while visiting our website. Cookies can be disabled or removed by accessing your web browser settings. However, due to a lack of standards across all browsers, sites may not respond to "do not track" browser settings. We do not monitor your online activities after you leave our website.

Google Marketing

We collect data through cookies to support a positive user experience and customize content for return visitors. Third-party vendors, such as Google, are used for advertising purposes and may use data to serve ads based on someone’s past visits to our website or use of our mobile app. Please review the types of cookies used by Google for more information. To opt out of Google’s use of cookies or device identifiers, visit Google’s Ad settings. You can also choose to enable the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on.

For more information, please review how Google uses data when you use and visit our website and apps.

We've also implemented Google Analytics Advertising Features. Advertising features include:

  • Remarketing with Google Analytics
  • Google Display Network Impression Reporting
  • Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting
  • Integrated services that require Google Analytics to collect data for advertising purposes, including the collection of data via advertising cookies and identifiers.

NorthCountry Mobile App

Our app collects location data to enable push notifications, geofences, and beacons even when the app is closed or not in use and it is also used to support advertising.

How we use the information we collect

Monitoring your use of our website and mobile app provides us with important information about how we can make them function better for you, such as by making them easier to navigate, customizing your content, and adding new features to improve your experience. We also use contact information you provide to reach out to you with information you may find interesting, or information you may have requested from us.

To provide you with the best possible online experience, we sometimes partner with other organizations we trust. We refer to these organizations as "third-party vendors". Each of these vendors is required to provide us with proof they follow our stringent security protocols as a condition of our partnership. Although we perform due diligence of our vendors prior to signing agreements for their services, when you leave our website, we can not certify the privacy and security of the sites you are entering, and the content within the third-party site is solely the responsibility of the site's owner. If you have any concerns about continuing online with your request, please feel free to schedule an appointment to meet with us in person.

To access your account with NorthCountry Online Banking, you will need a username and password. Follow these easy Online Banking registration instructions from a mobile device or a desktop computer to set up your credentials. If you need assistance during the new user registration process, please contact us.

If you wish to add a joint owner or other authorized user to have access to the account, you can set them up within Online Banking. Choose ‘Additional Services’ and then ‘Share Access’. You agree not to give your user name and password or access to your account to any person not authorized.

These rules govern the relationship between NorthCountry Federal Credit Union and each person authorized to use NorthCountry Online Banking, an Internet-based banking service. NorthCountry Online Banking services are also governed by any other separate agreement(s) you may have with NorthCountry Federal Credit Union including, but not limited to, the Credit Union's Membership and Account Agreement, Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement, any loan agreements and any amendments or changes made to this Agreement.

Except as stated in this agreement or any later agreement concerning NorthCountry Online Banking, your membership agreement and other disclosures and agreements for accounts previously given to you will govern all transactions made with the NorthCountry Online Banking service. All funds transferred from a loan account will be subject to the applicable loan agreement for accessing proceeds and secured by any security agreement for accessing your loan proceeds.

By using NorthCountry Online Banking, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.

  • "We", "us", or "our" means the Credit Union and all of its affiliates and subsidiaries.
  • "You", and "your" means each person who has signed the NorthCountry Online Banking application or who uses NorthCountry Online Banking with your consent.
  • "Business Day" is defined as Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, except on federal holidays.
  • All references to time of day in this agreement refer to Eastern Standard Time.

NorthCountry Online Banking is available to members with accounts in good standing and a username and password.

To use NorthCountry Online Banking, Internet access and Internet browser software are required. The Credit Union makes no warranties on equipment, hardware, software or Internet provider service or any part of them, expressed or implied, including without limitation any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The Credit Union is not responsible for any loss, injury or damages (whether direct, indirect, special or consequential) caused by the Internet provider, any related software, NorthCountry Online Banking or the use thereof. The Credit Union is also not responsible for any loss, injury or damages arising from the installation, use or maintenance of your personal computer hardware, software or other equipment.

With NorthCountry Online Banking, you can:

  • Register for mobile banking
  • Open and fund new accounts at the credit union
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Make your loan and credit card payments
  • Check your account history
  • View checks
  • View account information for checking, savings, money market, certificate of deposit, and loan accounts
  • Pay most bills electronically through BillPay
  • Retrieve monthly statements (e-Statements)
  • Retrieve notices
  • Reorder checks
  • File your federal and state taxes
  • Send payments to anyone with a mobile phone number or email address

From time to time, the credit union may enhance NorthCountry Online Banking with new services. By using these enhancements, you agree to be bound by the obligations and conditions concerning these services. You also agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions of any separate instructions that may be provided in conjunction with this system and any and all applicable state and federal laws and regulations.

Such services are subject to change at any time without prior notice to you.

You authorize the credit union to transfer funds electronically according to your instructions initiated through NorthCountry Online Banking. All transfer transactions are immediately deducted from your account.

You may contact a NorthCountry Federal Credit Union Member Advocate by calling 1-800-660-3258 or by using our online chat feature during the business day. Member Advocates may provide assistance within the guidelines set forth by NorthCountry Federal Credit Union and as required by law. Member Advocates are not authorized to negotiate any of the terms of this agreement.

Electronic mail outside of NorthCountry Online Banking should be addressed to [email protected]. Please note, however, that messages sent via your personal e-mail may be intercepted by third parties and are not protected by NorthCountry Federal Credit Union. Personal e-mail should not be used to communicate sensitive account information. If you need to send information that needs to be kept secure, please contact us and we will walk you through the process of sending us a secure, encrypted email. You can also log into your account and open a secure web chat with us.

NorthCountry Federal Credit Union is responsible for making reasonable efforts to fulfill only those account requests actually received via NorthCountry Online Banking. We may not be held accountable for any loss resulting from the delay or failure to transmit a message due to user error, malfunction of equipment, natural impediments, and/or inaccurate or incomplete information.

The Credit Union will disclose information to third parties about your account or the transfers you make:

  • Where it is necessary for completing transfers
  • To verify the existence and condition of your account for a third party, such as a credit bureau or merchant
  • To comply with government agency or court orders
  • If you give us written permission

Notify us immediately if you believe your username and password has been stolen, used without your consent, or compromised in any way.

You will receive a statement for each month in which reportable activity occurred. Reportable activity includes ACH, check, and debit transactions. A quarterly statement will be issued regardless of activity. All transactions generated through NorthCountry Online Banking will appear on your monthly or quarterly statement. No other receipts will be sent.

You also opt to have your statements and notices posted for you online within the security of digital banking. This requires that you provide us with a valid email address. When a statement or notice is posted for you, we will email an alert to the address on record within digital banking. E-statements can be downloaded at no charge. If you choose to also receive a printed/mailed version of your monthly statement in addition to e-Statements, a $5.00 charge per statement will apply. To register for e-Statements and e-notices, sign in to NorthCountry Online Banking, select "Additional Services" from the navigation bar, and click on "e-Documents".

If the credit union does not complete a transaction for which you receive a confirmation number, it will be liable for your reasonable losses or damages except when:

  • If, through no fault of the credit union, you do not have sufficient funds in your account
  • If the transfer would exceed the credit limit on your line of credit
  • If circumstances beyond the credit union's control (such as fire or flood) prevent the transfer despite reasonable precautions that it has taken

Termination by the Credit Union

At any time and at our discretion, without notice or liability, we may suspend or terminate your access to NorthCountry digital banking in whole or part without prior notice if we believe you have:

  • Compromised the confidential integrity of the service
  • Caused the credit union a loss
  • Abused the service

Termination by the Member

You may terminate this agreement at any time by notifying the credit union in writing or via e-mail to [email protected]. You must allow five business days for processing your cancellation notice. You will be responsible for all payments and/or transfers you have requested prior to termination and for all other charges, fees and taxes incurred. You must cancel all outstanding payments and/or transfer orders within the five-day notification period. We will not be liable for payments and/or transfers not cancelled or made due to your actions related to service termination.

Online Banking fees are described in your Truth-in-Savings Disclosure. Currently no fees are assessed for NorthCountry Online Banking's standard service. For other fees, see the Fee Schedule and Truth-in-Savings Disclosure.

We assume no liability due to your inability to access the NorthCountry Online Banking service for any reason including, but not limited to, communication problems or interruption and equipment failure.

We accept no responsibility for omissions from any equipment failure or damage, computer viruses, or software damage that may occur as a result of your use of the NorthCountry Online Banking service.

Your Kasasa® checking account is always free with no minimum balance, and you can earn rewards and nationwide ATM fee refunds every month. Qualifying for rewards is easy! Help us be more efficient in these three ways, and we’ll thank you by depositing the savings back into your account:

  1. Perform at least 15 transactions with your NorthCountry debit and/or credit card
  2. Choose e-Statements instead of paper statements
  3. Log in to Online Banking or Mobile Banking at least once per month

We place no restrictions on how many times you visit our branches or how many checks you write. Just meet the three easy qualifications for your reward. If you don’t meet the qualifications in any given month, your Kasasa® account is still free, and you can try again the following month.

Please see our checking page for qualification details on each product below:

Kasasa® Cash

Earn a high dividend on your checking account for doing simple, everyday banking activities each month, and when you meet the easy qualifications, you'll also earn up to $20 in ATM fee refunds each month.

Kasasa® Cash Back

Earn 2% cash back (up to $6 total) on debit and/or credit card purchases that post and settle to your Kasasa® Cash Back account during the monthly qualification cycle.

Kasasa® Tunes

Rock on with reimbursements for online purchases from Amazon® and/or iTunes®! In the first 30 days of opening your account, you’ll get up to $30 reimbursed! After that you’ll earn $5 per cycle for every month you qualify. Ready for the encore? When you meet the easy qualifications, you'll also earn up to $20 in ATM fee refunds each month.