Real Estate Lines of Credit

Choose an efficient way to cover investment property costs

This line of credit offers:

  • Flexible funding for repairs and upgrades
  • Competitive rates
  • Easy access to money

Keeping buildings in tip-top shape is no easy task

Investment property owners encounter any number of financial challenges. Among them is making major repairs and investing in upgrades to satisfy tenants and stay competitive in the market. A NorthCountry Real Estate Line of Credit provides fast, affordable funding for a wide range of property improvements and other costs for your business.

  • Get access to a loan fund that can be used for a wide range of purposes over a number of years
  • Pay for repairs, improvements, or equipment
  • Cover taxes or tackle cash-flow challenges
  • Access money quickly with checks or through digital banking tools
  • Work with an experienced loan officer who can help tailor a credit line to your specific needs