Debit Cards

Maybe it's time to take a fresh look at an old friend.

Our cards feature:

  • Round-up option
  • Exceptional security features
  • Mobile wallet compatibility

Your debit card offers more than meets the eye

Debit cards have been around for eons - or so it seems. So we don't have to tell you that your card is a great shopping companion. And you already know that it offers easy access to cash at thousands of ATMs. But you may not have thought of all the ways that debit cards fit perfectly into our digital world. Just consider the following:

  • Online purchases: By using your debit card to shop online, you won't run up interest charges, as you might with a credit card.
  • Mobile wallets: Link your debit card to your mobile phone for one-tap payments at millions of merchants.
  • Remote control: If you lose cash, you're out of luck. But if you lose your debit card, you can use NorthCountry's mobile app to turn it off so no one else can use it. You can also set dollar limits on purchases and put other controls on card use.
  • Financial protection: Our cards are protected by Visa's Zero Liability policy. That means that you won't be held responsible for unauthorized expenditures.
  • Better record-keeping: Each time you use your card, the purchase is automatically recorded in digital banking. That can help you analyze your spending habits and fine-tune your budget. 

You've got questions, we've got answers

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If you select “debit” and enter your PIN, the transaction will post quickly or immediately. If you choose “credit”, it may take up to five days. Note: You might see the transaction appear in your account as “pending”. Then it may disappear from view, and reappear a few days later. While the transaction is pending, NorthCountry is waiting for the merchant to submit the final transaction for payment. Most merchants submit items for processing within three days, but some may take up to five days. This delay may cause the pending hold to “fall off” your account prior to the actual transaction posting.

If you have funds in your checking account to cover transactions, your card may have declined because:

  • Our fraud prevention software detected a purchase outside normal spending habits or in a place you don’t usually travel. If this is the case, we may call or text you to verify the purchase is actually yours.
  • Your information was entered incorrectly.
  • You turned off your debit card.
  • Your card has expired.
  • The funds from a deposit you made are not yet available.

If your debit card has been lost or stolen, or you notice suspicious activity, please call.

When you use your debit card to make a purchase, we can round up your transaction to the next whole dollar amount. At the end of the day, your spare change is automatically added to your savings account. It's an easy way to build your savings! You can activate the round up option by contacting us or stopping by any of our locations.