Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

Set aside money to cover healthcare costs of all kinds.

These accounts feature:

  • Potential tax advantages
  • Certificate option
  • Special HSA debit cards

Health Savings Account

Earn a dividend of

You and your family deserve the best care possible

Major illnesses, severe injuries and chronic conditions can cause considerable stress. So can the big medical bills that follow. One way to soften the blow is with a NorthCountry HSA. Not only can you set aside money for doctors' visits and hospital stays, but you can also use your tax-advantaged savings for more routine matters like prescriptions, eyeglasses and dental care.

  • Designed for individuals and families with high-deductible health coverage plans
  • Contribute up to $3,650 per individual and $7,300 per family per year. An additional catch-up amount may apply for people over age 55.
  • Qualified withdrawals are tax-free
  • Earn competitive dividends on deposits
  • No minimum balance or monthly service fees
  • Free HSA debit card for convenient access to funds
  • Unused balance can be rolled over to the following year

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