Kasasa Cash Checking Accounts

All that smart money management is about to pay off.

Kasasa Cash Checking features:

  • High dividends on checking deposits
  • ATM fee rebates
  • No monthly service charge

Kasasa Cash Checking


This can add up to something pretty impressive

Yes, you can earn a solid dividend rate on your checking account cash. No, it's not difficult. Just make regular use of your debit card, log into digital banking once a month, and sign up for e-statements.

  • No monthly service charge
  • Receive nationwide ATM fee refunds, up to $20 per monthly cycle
  • Free BillPay
  • Free mobile check deposit

Unlock your rewards

To qualify for your dividend reward, or high rate, here's all it takes each month:

  • 15 or more debit and/or credit card transactions (posted and settled)
  • Log into digital banking from your favorite device
  • Receive e-statements instead of paper

If you miss the mark in some month, no worries! You'll still earn a smaller dividend on your entire balance, and you still pay no service charge. And you can start off fresh the next month in your quest to earn maximum rewards.

You've got questions, we've got answers

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Any age is fine! For accounts where the primary owner is under the age of 18, a joint owner is required.

The available balance is the portion of your current balance you can access without overdrawing your account. Both balances can be viewed online, at an ATM, by phone, or at a branch.

It depends on whether you deposit cash or checks, and the method you use. Cash deposited at the teller line is available immediately. Checks may have a hold placed on them based on our funds availability policy.