On the Go

Wherever you go, we’re there. If you have a mobile phone and a signal, you’re just a few taps away from depositing a check, requesting a loan, or paying a bill. We’re continually expanding the features offered within our mobile app and online banking. What would you like to do today?

To register for online banking, Contact Us and request a temporary username and password. After that you can log in from a computer or your mobile device. There are also easy instructions on how to register your phone for mobile banking located within the desktop version of online banking.

Account Information

Use your computer or device to view:

  • Balances
  • Account history
  • Checks that have cleared
  • Loan amount due
  • Loan due date


Deposit a Check

Skip the trip to the branch or ATM! In the mobile app, select "Check Deposit" from the menu, enter your check amount, and tap on the camera icon to photograph the front and back of your check.

Send Money

Pay Bills

Bill pay allows you to pay almost anyone using only your phone or computer. Your payment will be sent electronically whenever possible, or by paper check if necessary.

Send Funds

Within online or mobile banking, select "Popmoney" from the menu. Enter the mobile phone number or email of the person you want to pay, and the funds are on their way!

Mobile Payments

Leave your plastic NorthCountry Visa credit and Mastercard debit card in your wallet and use your mobile phone instead! It's safe, easy, and available for Apple, Android, and Samsung phones. Ready to get started? Go to your app store and look for Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay. The next time you want to purchase something with your NorthCountry Visa credit or Mastercard debit card, pull out your mobile phone, open the app, and wave it over (or tap it to) the point-of-sale terminal. Tokenization keeps the transaction secure, and your plastic card can stay tucked neatly in your wallet. If you would like help setting up your phone, Contact Us and we'll be happy to assist you.

Transfer Money

Online and mobile banking allow you to easily and instantaneously transfer money between your NorthCountry accounts.

Need to make a loan payment? Transfer the funds from your NorthCountry checking or savings account to your loan and get immediate credit for your payment.

When transferring funds from your NorthCountry checking or savings account to your Visa, the payment or charge will be reflected on the next full business day.

To transfer money between deposit accounts, enter the amount, select where the money is and where you want it to go.

Recurring transfers are available. Enter the schedule and amount of the transfer, and it will happen automatically in accordance with your instructions.

External Transfers

Use online banking to move money electronically from your NorthCountry account to your account at another financial institution.

Security Features

Set Alerts

Get a text notification anytime a deposit is made or your balance falls below a threshold you set.

Touch ID for Mobile Devices

Log into your mobile banking account with the touch of a finger! Touch ID is available on select devices. To get started, make sure you have the most recent version of our mobile app downloaded. Then activate Touch ID for easy, fast, and secure access!

Eyeprint ID for Mobile Devices

Everyone likes easy and convenient, right? Did you know that you can sign into your mobile banking with your eyes? Using your smartphone's camera, Eyeprint ID maps the unique pattern of veins in your eyes for access to your account! To get started, make sure you have the most recent version of our mobile app downloaded. Then activate Eyeprint ID which is available on most Apple and Android Devices.


Our free MobiMoney app, available on GooglePlay Store for Android users and iTunes for Apple devices, can be used to turn your debit card on and off at will. It can also show you pending transactions, your current balance, and give you the power to:

  • Set limits based on location, merchant type, and transaction type
  • Set a balance threshold
  • Transfer funds
  • Set per-transaction spending limits
  • Receive transaction alerts


Manage My Spending

Wondering where your money goes? Money Management - available within online banking - can consolidate information from accounts at all your financial institutions into one place. Use the handy charts and reports to analyze your spending and identify any changes you want to make.

Nationwide Locations

When you're traveling and an ATM just won't do, our nationwide network of credit union partners is available to help you at no charge*. Look for the Co-Op Shared Branch logo, or use the Locator.

Purchase Rewards

Check the Purchase Rewards offers available within online and mobile banking for special offers from well-known retailers and restaurants. Activate the offers you like, complete the transaction with your debit card, and later on the rewards will automatically be applied to your account.

Text Banking

Register your phone within online banking, and then text any of these short commands to 454545 for fast access to your account information:

BAL Current and available balances for your primary account
LAST The last five transactions in your primary account
BAL ALL Current and available balances for all of your accounts

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