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High school students test their budgeting savvy

Real-world budgeting choices in a practice setting

Over two hundred students at Winooski High School tested their budgeting savvy at an in-school Financial Reality Fair on Thursday, March 14th. With assigned careers, incomes, and family situations in hand, the students worked in pairs to choose options for housing, transportation, groceries, childcare, and extras. The goal was to finish the exercise without landing in debt. The event is offered to local high schools as a free service by NorthCountry Federal Credit Union.

“Students benefit from the opportunity to make important financial choices in this practice environment before they face them in the real world,” said Jeff Smith, NorthCountry’s Senior Vice President of Lending. “We want these students to know that if they ever have questions about a financial decision, they can reach out to us for help.”

Courtney Poquette, Winooski High School’s Business and Personal Finance Educator, adds: “NorthCountry has been an incredible partner for Winooski High School over the past few years by creating a life changing summer training for our graduating seniors. We are very excited that they are continuing the partnership and now reaching our entire high school in a one day reality fair.”  

Financial Reality Fairs are a free service provided to community schools by NorthCountry Federal Credit Union. The credit union’s summer program, Steps to Success, provides job interview and career training for Winooski High School Students.