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Beware of TikTok Scams

Over the past five years, TikTok has surged in popularity, amassing over one billion active users across 150 countries. Like other social media platforms, its popularity has made it a hotbed for scammers, particularly targeting young teenagers. Watch out for these top five scams:

  1. Fake Giveaways: Lured by that offer that seems too good to be true? Maybe it’s for free money or gift cards in exchange for liking, following, or sharing content. Don’t bite. Ignore the post or message. Keep scrolling.
  2. Romance, Investment, and Charity Scams: Your new friend or love interest may not be showing you their true intentions. They might want you to send money for an investment, charity, or to help them out of a bad situation. Watch for poor grammar, unsolicited direct messages, and outrageous offers. If you discover the person is using more than one account, that’s another red flag.
  3. Impersonated Celebrities and Influencers: Criminals build credibility by pretending to be someone famous. Look for red flags like unusual grammar and unsolicited messages. Always cross-check offers on the official websites of the celebrities or influencers in question.
  4. Phishing: Phishing scams often come as emails or messages claiming to offer verification badges, more followers, or sponsorships. Clicking on these links redirects you to fake websites asking for your TikTok login details. Once provided, scammers can take over your account. Never click on suspicious links, and if you suspect a phishing attempt, delete the email or message immediately.
  5. Bot Accounts: Bot accounts use sophisticated scripts to interact with users, often leading them to malicious websites. These sites can infect your device or trick you into revealing sensitive information, like bank account details.

TikTok is a fun app and useful tool, but like all social media platforms, it has a dark side. Keep your identity and money safe by doing your research, trusting your instincts if something feels suspicious, and knowing the red flags.

What to Do If You’ve Been Scammed

  1. Change the password for your social media account (TikTok, Facebook, etc.)
  2. Contact NorthCountry. We’ll take whatever steps we can to prevent any further loss of money.
  3. Inform the social media platform of the scam.
  4. If you’ve lost money, consider contacting the police and filing a report.