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Don’t Let Ticket Scammers Spoil Summer Fun!

Ah, summertime—the bustling season filled with events around every corner. But amidst the excitement, scammers lurk. Finding tickets to popular summer concerts and events can be tricky and provide a means for criminals to steal information. Have you ever found yourself yearning for a sold-out concert? Scouring social media for cheap tickets may compromise your sensitive info.

Ticket selling scams happen when a criminal uses tickets as bait to steal info and money.  Some scammers use phony screenshots of popular P2P payment apps, to deceive you into thinking they’ve never received money you sent them for tickets.  They may even create counterfeit tickets as bait to get you to trust them.

Some other common practices of ticket scammers are:

  • Charging higher prices than the face value of a ticket
  • Using forged barcodes and real logos of legitimate companies
  • Selling multiples of the same ticket to several buyers

To make sure the tickets are the real deal, consider these dos and don’ts before you type in your credit card info:


  • Purchase tickets in person.
  • Verify sellers’ real physical addresses.
  • Seek reviews about the seller.
  • Check the actual web address of the resale ticket seller.
  • Look at the tickets before you buy and verify the date and the time printed on them.
  • Make sure the section and seat numbers on the tickets exist at the venue.


  • Wire transfer money for tickets.
  • Trust sellers insisting on prepaid money cards.
  • Pay before confirming the tickets.
  • Meet a ticket seller alone.
  • Blindly rely on online search results for ticket sellers.

If you encounter a scammer, take action to safeguard your identity and finances:

  • Report scams and suspicious activity to the authorities.
  • Reach out to us at NorthCountry—we’re here to assist you. Call us at 1 800 660-3268.

If you’ve shared too much information, file an identity theft report with the Federal Trade Commission.