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Five Ways To Cut Your Food Bill

Want some more spending money in your pocket? These easy tips may help you save some money on your next trip to the grocery store.

Make your lunch for the next day. Brown-bagging your lunch can save you up to $100 a month – assuming $5 to buy a sandwich. Plus, this gives you the chance to make healthy lunch choices you control.

​Make your coffee too! Making coffee at home costs less than $1 a cup. And with all the flavor options available, why not bring your own concoction to work?

Shop with a grocery list and stick to it. You’ll save time, and it’ll be easier to resist impulse purchases, especially if you’re tired or hungry. Remember to buy what you need for your lunches and coffee breaks!

Check out the local paper on coupon days. Use grocery store flyers and apps to write your list, look for specials, and plan your food for the week.

​Eat out one less time this week or month. Start out slow – and see if you start to have a little more cash by eating at home instead of a restaurant. Make a big meal and freeze some of it for future use. Miss the social aspect? Throw a potluck party with friends. 

Sounds lame? You won’t think so when you start seeing the savings on your food budget! Let the savings spill into your overall budget, or set them aside for a rainy day.