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Instagram Scam

We share these true stories of member experiences to help you avoid falling victim to a scam. If you ever have questions about the validity of a request for money or information about your account, contact us.

Madison enjoys posting and viewing fashion photos on Instagram. Her number of followers is modest but steadily growing. One day, she’s contacted by someone who offers money to use her account to help build his own thriving Instagram presence...

He explains that he likes to support fellow Instagram influencers like Madison who are just getting started but show amazing potential. By teaming up, they can both widen their audiences. Flattered, and liking the idea of easy money, Madison agrees.
Madison receives the images of three checks. Each one is for $1,000. The person she met through Instagram instructs her to deposit them to her own account, and forward half of the funds to another Instagrammer he wants to support. Madison can keep the remaining funds for herself. Madison uses the check images to send the funds to her account with Snap e-Deposit.
Unfortunately, the offer was a scam, the checks were fake, and the scammer tricked Madison into giving him access to her account. The only real money involved was the untraceable cash Madison forwarded to the fictitious other up-and-coming Instagrammer, who was working with the person who initiated the scam. Madison ended up taking out a personal loan to cover the loss.
If ever in doubt about the motives of an online friend, give us a call. We have extensive experience in spotting scams and are here to keep you and your money safe. Apple cash and similar services are popular among criminals, because once the funds leave your account, they’re difficult to trace and can’t be recalled. Always think twice when someone you met online asks you to send money. Chances are, it’s a scam.

Keep your account information private and if ever in doubt, contact us for help. Visit our Security page for more tips on keeping accounts secure.