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Easy Money or Sleazy Scam?

We share these true stories of member experiences to help you avoid falling victim to a scam. If you ever have questions about the validity of a request for money or information about your account, contact us.

If you’re searching the internet for job or investment opportunities, be careful. Several members have fallen for this scam:

  1. Someone sends you a fake check to deposit into your account.
  2. They tell you to send money to an online vendor. (The purpose will change depending on the story they’re using). The purchase amount leaves your account and is sent to the vendor.
  3. Soon after, the check is returned to the credit union as a fake and the deposit is reversed. The funds you sent the vendor (scammer) were your own.

The person who sent the fake check and the person posing as the online vendor are the same person or working as a team. Would you recognize the red flags?

  • Receiving a check from someone you met online
  • A sense of urgency
  • Pressure to ignore the credit union’s advice

If you ever have a doubt about whether a check is real, please let us know. We’re trained to spot fraud and can help you avoid making an expensive mistake. Additionally, please keep your account information private and if ever in doubt, contact us for help. You can also visit our Security page for more tips.