Credit Card Balance Transfer - Special Offer!

Keep the good. Toss the rest.

Our balance transfers feature:

  • No balance transfer fee
  • 6.24% APR* for 12 months
  • New and existing cardholders

Don't miss this special offer!

It's time! Reclaim space in your financial landscape. Move your high-interest debt to a low-interest NorthCountry credit card and give your budget some room to grow. It's a great time to weed out the balances on your department store credit cards, and any other expensive credit cards with balances on them.

If you already have a NorthCountry credit card, log in to digital banking, navigate to your credit card account, and find the "balance transfer" option. Don't use digital banking? Call us on the phone or stop by any branch.

Ready to add a NorthCountry credit card to your wallet? Click the button above and we'll walk you through the easy balance transfer process. If you would rather speak with someone, give us a call or stop by one of our locations.


Annual percentage rate (APR) of 6.24% applies to balances transferred to a NorthCountry credit card from an external source. Twelve months from the post date of each transfer, the promotional APR will end and the regular APR will apply. As of 2/1/2024, regular APRs ranged from 7.45% to 16.95% based on credit qualifications, and are subject to change.

To avoid being charged a late payment fee by your creditor(s) while they process your payoff(s), you may need to make a final payment. We recommend allowing them 15 business days, but it could take longer.

The amount(s) you transfer plus any existing balance on your NorthCountry credit card may not exceed your credit limit. If you would like to apply for a credit limit increase, please contact us.

Offer ends 3/31/2024.


Why choose between value and rewards when you can have both? Our credit card has no annual fee, balance transfer fee, or cash advance fee. Plus, you'll get your choice of rewards, including cash back. Our credit cards come with Visa's Zero Liability policy for unauthorized purchases and the latest fraud prevention technology, including the ability to turn your card on and off in digital banking.

Yes. Fill out the quick and convenient application below and one of our Loan Officers will be in touch.

Visa rewards credit card application

Earn one reward point for every dollar of your credit card purchase. Redeem your points for cash back or other rewards including travel services and gift cards to popular retailers and restaurants. A full list is available by navigating to your credit card information within digital banking.

The first step to gaining access to NorthCountry's products and services is to open a savings (or "share") account. This account has a minimum balance requirement of $5. Ready to get started? Here's our easy account application*.

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Contact us and let us know you would like to increase your limit. We will review your account and see if you qualify.

Any of these reasons may be the cause:

  • Your transaction fell outside of your normal spending habits and triggered our fraud detection software.
  • Your card information was input incorrectly.
  • Your card has expired.
  • You turned off your credit card using the security features in digital banking.
  • You have exceeded your overall credit limit.
  • You have exceeded your daily spending limit.

If an odd charge appears on your account, contact us immediately. If possible, let us know where your credit card was lost or stolen and the last authorized transaction on the card. If you can access your account through digital banking, we recommend you turn your credit card off until you find it.