Business Accounts

A collage depicting all the ways a business owner could benefit from a checking and savings account. 4 columns and 2 rows. Column 1, Row 1 is a smiling business woman with glasses in an office environment working on her laptop. Column 1, Row 2 is a picutre of multiple empty seats and benches in a trendy looking street-side cafe. Column 2, Row 1 is a large construction vehicle stopped on asphalt with a sunset, cloudy sky in the background. Column 2, Row 2 is a man with a beard and man bun and a woman crossing her arms in an office environment looking at a desktop computer together. Column 3, Row 1 is a black woman wearing glasses and two white men sitting together wearing business casual attire having a meeting in an office environment. Column 3, Row 2 is a smiling woman wearing an orange safety vest with a handheld mobile device in a warehouse next to shelved boxes wrapped in saran wrap. Column 4, Row 1 is a smiling gentleman in a blue apron who owns a flower shop handing a colorful boquet of orange flowers to a happy female customer. Column 4, Row 2 is a gentleman wearing a vest and magnifying glasses sitting in his workshop working on a craft jewelry piece.

NorthCountry’s business accounts provide you with high value and convenience. As your business grows, we’re here to support your bottom line with free checking, insured savings, and easy access to your funds.


Business checking accounts are free of charge and have no minimum balance requirement. Write checks or use our free online bill pay service. Deposit your checks using our mobile app, leave them in the night drop box at any of our locations, or present them to a teller. Money market accounts are also available.


Business Debit Card

All the great features and benefits of a NorthCountry debit card! Use your free debit card to have purchases deducted securely and conveniently from your checking account, or use it at ATMs around the world. Need another reason to carry a NorthCountry debit card? You're protected by EMV chip technology and MasterCard's $0 Liability Policy.

Our Contact Center can order a debit card for you, or stop by any branch to have one issued on the spot.

Business Credit Card

All the great features and benefits of a NorthCountry Platinum Visa. No annual fee. Low fixed rate. For every dollar you spend, you’ll earn one point toward merchandise, gift cards and travel.


Savings accounts provide a safe place to set aside your business funds. Your balance will earn a guaranteed dividend, and is insured to $250,000 by the NCUA.

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