Business Services

We work hard for small businesses—and their employees.

Our Business Services include:

  • Credit card processing
  • Emergency loans for employees
  • SBA loans

We make it our business to find ways to help yours

How do businesses succeed? By operating as efficiently as possible and by looking out for their workforce. At NorthCountry, we provide an array of business loans and lines of credit, SBA loans, emergency loans to employees and a range of other services designed to help small businesses reach their full potential.

To increase sales and better serve your customers, it's helpful to accept a wide range of payment forms. We can help you provide first-class credit card processing, electronic payment services, and more for your business. Services include:

  • Credit cards: Including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express
  • Other cards: Such as debit cards and gift cards
  • Mobile payments: Turn your mobile phone or tablet into a payment terminal
  • Web payments: Accept orders and payments through your internet site
  • Operational efficiencies: Easy access to sales records allows you to generate marketing plans, track inventory and download data to QuickBooks and other accounting software   
  • Tailored hardware: A variety of point-of-sale systems allow you to collect payments in a shop, at a customer's home or anywhere else

Many online lenders prey on people with financial challenges. No one wants to see a valued employee saddled with a "payday loan" carrying interest charges up to 400%. In response, NorthCountry offers the Income Advance Program, which provides low-cost loans for workers. Here's how it works:

  • Employer pays a nominal annual fee
  • Employees receive automatically approved cash advances up to $1,500
  • Money can be used for emergency expenses including car repairs, home repairs, and unexpected travel, but a stated reason is not required
  • Counseling is provided to employees on how to avoid future financial emergencies
  • Loans are repaid through automatic payroll deduction each pay period
  • The borrower pays no fee for the service

Reach out to us for information about offering this low-cost, judgement-free, meaningful benefit to your workforce.

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