ACH Origination

Find new efficiencies by moving money electronically.

ACH Origination benefits include:

  • More on-time payments
  • Fewer checks to process
  • Easier payroll distribution

Give your cash flow a boost. Give your staff a break.

Cut down on postage and check-processing costs. Eliminate big piles of paper in your office. Ensure incoming and outgoing payments arrive on time. With electronic ACH Origination, your business can fine-tune your payables and receivables process to ensure better cash flow and more efficient daily operations.

  • Increase on-time collections by having electronic payments drawn from customers, tenants and donors to deposit into your business accounts.
  • Schedule outgoing digital payments, including bills and payroll, so your business has access to the funds as long as possible.
  • Eliminate the hassle of payments being lost or delayed in the mail.
  • Reduce your staff's clerical workload, freeing them up for more important matters.
  • Improve record-keeping with access to online financial data.
  • Work with one of NorthCountry's experienced Business Team members to make maximum use of ACH Origination Services.

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ACH payments are deducted from your account electronically to or from your account. Common ACH payments include car insurance, gym memberships, or utility bills. Sometimes a business may process your paper check as an ACH payment, which allows it to clear your account quicker.